Information Products & Your Business

There are many ways to enhance your business.  If you are looking to pursue one of those ways, consider using eBooks.  EBooks are the easiest way for people to acquire books without needing a bookshelf to house them all.  Here are some of the benefits of eBooks:

1.  Information products are inexpensive to produce
.  You can hire someone to take your manuscript and turn it into a professional-looking product or you can do it yourself using eBook compiler and design software.  Make your eBook look as attractive as any volume sold in a store.

2.  There is no cost involved in getting information products out to the customer.  Since the customer can download them right from the Internet, you don’t have to worry about the cost of shipping and insuring your product.  Also customers will be glad that they can get your book virtually in an instant as soon as they’ve paid for it.

3.  Information products can be used in a number of ways.
You can use them as a way for people to learn more about the aspects of your business.  Written information on certain subjects are always in demand.  Make sure that it is good quality information presented in a way that has not been done before.

4.  Give them away as contest prizes.
With each order, a customer is entered in a draw for an eBook of their choice.  You are making money because the customer has to buy something from you in order to get a chance to have the eBook for free.

5.  Information products can be written by you.  Having a book with your name on it makes you more credible with your consumer base.  If you have a knack for writing, money will be saved by not hiring a ghostwriter to do it for you.  All of the profit is going directly to you and your company.  Once you get started you will get hooked on the idea and want to write an entire library of eBooks.

6.  The money that you spent to have the eBook created will be recouped as soon as you sell the first few eBooks. People are willing to pay for convenience.  Having a book at their fingertips as soon as they want it is as convenient as it gets.  As long as you are willing to put in the work, the earning potential is limitless.

7.  Sell your information products in other marketplaces.
EBay is the most noted marketplace on the Internet.  Creating how-to books and other books dedicated to subject matter of interest to the public is a moneymaker.  Who knows?  A publisher may get a hold of it and want to offer you a deal to publish it in hardcopy form.

There are many uses for eBooks that can bring extra profits to your business.

ECO-SAFE Blogging

Have you ever come across a website or business blog and have wanted to print out an article or blog post but find that there is no print icon on the web page or blog site?

I always think that we need to make it as easy as possible for people to access our content from our websites so one of the things I did some time ago on my main blog was to add some plugins so that people could then print a blog article or email articles to others.

However I recently came across a service that enables us to guide people to alternatives to print pages but still makes your content accessible to readers and enables you to virally market your blog to others with a tell a friend functon – and it’s free!

Eco Safe Blogging

The ECO-SAFE Merit Badge can be added to your website and offers the opportunity to website and blog visitors to:

  • send themselves or other an email of the article or page
  • send themselves or others a PDF of the article or page
  • download a PDF of the article or page.

Why not add the ECO-SAFE Merit Badge to your blog, website or ecommerce site.

Oh I almost forgot to let you know, you can also register for free iTunes music of your choice when you add the ECO-SAFE Merit Badge to you blog or website.

ORFF – How To Focus Your Communications Part 2

What does ORFF stand for again? O- objectives; R- Rapport; F – Feedback; F – Flexibility;

So what about rapport? Firstly its highly important to ask yourself – what is rapport and how do you know when you’re in rapport with someone?

Raport is achieved when two people are communicating openly and with ease. When we’re in rapport there is a sense that there is a connection, often subconscious with the other person. How can we achieve this?

The simplest way is to find something in common with the other person – did you work in the same company, have you similar interests, do you live in the same place. This can help create rapport on a conscious level. But what about subconsious?

Again the key thing to remember is having something in common. Think of how the other person is speaking – loud, quiet, slow, fast and what words they are using. Begin to speak in a similar way using similar and the same words – if they use visual words they you use visual words and so on. What you’re aiming to do is have the way your speaking “in common” with the way they’re speaking.

You can also do the same with body language which is called “matching and mirroring“. Adopt similar body language to them, move with similar gestures and facial expressions. So your body language is the “same” as theirs. How do you measure if its working?

By how well the communication goes. This week try the above with someone you had communication challenges with in the past. Be very flexibility to adopt your voice and body language to match theirs. Notice the difference. When done right its truly amazing!

Remember when we’re getting on well with people this is happening anyway. Its not a new invention, its simply a matter of noticing whats going on when we communicate well and using it to help us all communicate better with eachother. Surely this is a good thing!

For more information on this see any good book on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)



Being Focused Allows You To Act Fast

When you build a business with extreme focus you are positioned to move quick when the need arises and that is often something that business owners with a fractured focus have trouble with.

I have one target market and know it well. Because I’ve chosen to devote myself to this one snug market of business owners it is easy for me to stay in tune with their needs. When an opportunity comes to introduce them to something new I can spring into action with minimal additional research.

I can decide fast, act fast and see results fast.

Can you say the same? Share why you could say yes or no 🙂

Marketing Your Business Online – Easy Steps Anyone Can Take

Marketing is the breath that keeps your business alive and kicking. It is essential for life and it is essential for your business. Without marketing, your business will go nowhere. That being said, marketing doesn’t have to be a stressful and excruciating experience. Developing a marketing strategy is a fairly straight forward process that involves three basic steps:

– Creating a marketing strategy
– Implementing it
– Testing it and improving

Now you may be looking at that list and saying, “How do I create a marketing strategy?” That is of course the first step. As a small business owner you probably have one product or service that drives the business. It is the one product or service that represents your company and brings in the majority of your customers. This isn’t necessarily your most expensive product in fact it may be your least expensive product.

For example, if you own a dog sitting business that also sells homemade dog treats or food and even sells homeopathic supplements your primary product, the one that brings customers in, may be your actual dog walking service. However, if you’re a personal coach who offers coaching, seminars and motivational talks, online courses, and you have a book, your lead generating product may be your book. That may be the one product that brings customers into your business. That’s the product you focus your initial marketing strategy on.

Whether you’re a brick and mortar business or an online business, the internet may be your most valuable marketing tool. Communications are instantaneous, more than 70% of internet users use the internet to research a product or service before they buy it, which means the internet may be your first communication with a prospect, and many internet marketing tools have a very good return on investment meaning you’ll make more than you spend which is of course the goal of marketing.

So what internet tools can you use to market your business online?

The initial phase of any marketing strategy is generally a lead generation campaign. The internet can be an extremely useful tool to collect a database of prospects even if you’re a brick and mortar business. For example, Bath & Body, a brick and mortar retail store, implemented an in-store campaign where they collected email addresses in exchange for a free tube of lip gloss. The catch was that people who signed up would receive a coupon for the tube of lip gloss in their email. This campaign was so successful that Bath and Body collected more than 10 million email addresses, the largest specialty retail database created to date. They value each email address at $18 each because now they can market specifically to their database.

So if step one is to determine your business’s most important product and step two is to develop a database then step three is to market to that database. You’ll likely use a mix of tools to communicate your marketing message to your prospect including blogs, article marketing, email campaigns, social networking, sales letters, and even video and audio messages. The online marketing tools you choose to use will depend largely on your target audience. What websites do they visit? What do they read? What is important to them?

Once you’ve determined a few marketing tools to use to communicate with your prospects, don’t hesitate or wait until you think it is perfect, get your campaign up and running. Why? Because you won’t know how effective your marketing strategy is until you test it. Test everything. Test your headlines, test your email open rates, and test your click throughs. You can find a number of tools to help you track that information online and via your website host. As you collect data on your marketing you can hone each message to receive the optimal results. Creating a marketing strategy, like most things in life, is a process. Online tools and tactics can make it an easier, more powerful, and more successful process.

How To Make Compliance Branding Work For You.

No matter what industry you are in, there are regulations in place to make your company comply with preset standards of practice. These standards are known as compliances. Some are set in place by government agencies and the others are professional compliances both internal and external. Government compliances in many cases deal with health, safety and security to name a few. Business owners have mixed emotions about compliances. In most cases, compliances are viewed with distain for many reasons over and above the expense of it.

Ed Roach

What should be recognized as important is the effect on your brand your compliances have. If your corporate brand values are based on values such as integrity and due diligence, being compliant is very important to you. By complying you reduce the risk associated with running your operation. Deficiencies in the implementation of compliances can lead to unfortunate outcomes that essentially take a sucker-punch to your brand. No business can afford to run rough shod over their compliance obligations. Safety compliances protect your brand from being exposed due to employee injuries. These high profile events draw undesired attention to your company. Any adverse news makes your company look sloppy and insensitive.

Your brand is everything to do with your reputation. Not only is being compliant of importance to the health and welfare of your company but also by extension to your corporate brand as well. Industry compliances are more specific in nature. They typically associate themselves with standards of the type of business you are in. Architects for instance must adhere to compliances that allow them to promote themselves as architects. These industry compliances set the bar high for entry into the industry and protect the public in their quest for your services. Following these compliances assures the public of professional standards of practice. Detering from professional compliances sets your brand up to take the fall. Failure to live up to your compliances and accepting deficiencies exposes your company – and thus your brand. Any loss in professional designation will ultimately cost you money. Your brand loses its expert status in the eyes of your customer.

A third and often neglected area of compliance is the self-administered compliance. These are compliances that you have personally put into place to react to a cultural shift in your industry or to raise the bar from within. Self-administered compliances are very real opportunities. Corporate standards put in place within a company do so to provide an assurance on the level of quality of operation and service within the company. Self-administered compliances are a perfect opportunity to develop a more effective model of operation.

Now that we have looked at the 3 main types of compliances and recognizing their importance to the running of your company and their positive impact on your brand, now we must be assured that they are being implemented effectively. It is one thing to recognize a compliance need, it is another entirely that the compliance is being administered properly. There must be processes put in place to be sure that those rules and regulations are being followed and understood by all stake holders in the company. Any negligence in the implementation of compliances weakens the compliance leaving your brand exposed by association. Your marketing efforts often position your company in it’s best light. You simply can not afford sloppy compliance practices. It has a negative effect on moral and leadership within the corporation.

Once you have determined that all compliances are in place and that they are being adhered to according to processes developed to that end, it is important now to market compliances to your advantage. Being compliant on multiple levels can become the basis of a strategy of differentiation. Compliance icons can be used to shout this message out to your target audience. Stepping up as a leader in your category, not only raises the bar but puts barriers in place that impedes the forward movement of your competition. In order to match or beat you they have to invest considerable effort and expense to catch up and surpass you. Being the leader allows you certain bragging rights that gives your customers maximum confidence in dealing with you.

This confidence equates to a stronger brand relationship.

20 Questions To THE Perfect Customer!

Ed Roach

We in business have tendency to want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to generating income. Are you targeting your efforts to reach your best target audience? Are you aware of just who this audience is? A good exercise would be to identify this person. To perform this task you have to build a demographic profile. Remember – the profile is of the person that you make the most money from. Once identified, you will want to locate more like them.

Here are some questions to ask yourselve regarding your most profitable demographic profile:

1. Are they male or female?
2. How old would they be?
3. What income level?
4. Are they philanthropic?
5. Are they married?
6. Do they have kids? (if so, what age are the kids?)
7. Are they community minded?
8. Union or non-union?
9. Are they American or not?
10. Republican or Democrat?
11. What vehicle do they drive?
12. Visible minority?
13. Aggressive or passive?
14. Introvert or extrovert?
15. Do they read the local newspaper? 
16. Are they joiners?
17. Are they handy around the house?
18. Do they own a single family dwelling? or a condo?
19. Are they a sports fan or culture fan or both?
20. How much money do they spend with us?

Answering these questions will give to a solid base to determine your perfect customer. Using census data or a market research source, identify more of this demographic profile within your community. If you charted the outcome on a map, you will typically see clustering of locations. This is because similar demographic groups tend to live close to one another. Market to these target locations. This will save printing and distribution costs by avoiding areas not identified as a target group. Now you not only know your perfect customer but where they live too.

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