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What, Me Worry About my Product Name?

In the most recent edition of Inc. magazine, which arrived in my mailbox this week, I noticed a review of new video projectors (the on-line article is here). Now I like technology and gadgets, but I simply do not understand what thought process – if any – goes into the naming of many of these products. In this case, all six of the models reviewed had clearly passed through the Alfred E. Neuman brand-naming process:

  • Sony VPL-FX40
  • Panasonic PT-DW10000U
  • NEC NP60
  • Sharp XR-30X
  • Toshiba TDP-FF1AU
  • Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080

Names only a product engineer could love, or come up with. [Read more…]

What Is Your ‘Argh!! Limit’ And How To Reduce It

Entrepreneurs are by their very nature independent. They are often isolated due to the fact that they are pursuit of a personal dream. They are under constant pressure to succeed and as such are dealing with stress on many levels, both personal and professional. This is what we are calling your ‘Argh!! Limit’.

Where do these individuals go for support? Chances are they join communities of like minded individuals. Myself, I am a charter member of a small group of brand professionals who meet quarterly where we discuss all issues in pursuit of our dream.

What can you do to relieve yourself of the pressures both good and bad when running your business? [Read more…]

Passion’s Purpose

What’s up kids! …You up to no good? …Glad to hear it : )

Lately, I’ve been poundin’ out some letters about Love and Life that are going to fuel an upcoming passion project of mine. Hopefully, it’ll make a few bucks; but more importantly, I want it to excite some emotions.

I’m reaching out to you guys for a little research about my development. I’ve been writing for a while now, but so far the content I’ve made public has only had a personality that pitches advice about marketing products. So here I am, with a dialog that drives in a new direction, and I’d like your feedback on it.

So stare your Soul upon the script below, and I’d kiss ya if I could for some of your passionate perspective in the comments section below. I hope ya like! [Read more…]

How Brand Centric Is Your Marketing Plan?

So often when I review the marketing plan for my clients, I often notice there is lack of connection between their brand strategy and their marketing plan.

Getting clear about your brand is one of the first steps we need to take as we develop and grow our professional services practice. But without a focused marketing plan, we certainly will not be able to realise the benefit of investing in developing our business strategy nor will we build a distinctive brand.

Here are 3 steps you can use to evaluate how brand centric your marketing plan is: [Read more…]

Three Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Corporate Blog

Business blogging is undisputed as a terrific way to build your corporate brand, your employer brand and personal brand on-line, increase your website traffic and get found in the search engines when people are searching for the products and services that you offer.

However what are some of key mistakes you need to avoid if you want to build a credible business blog? I’m not talking about the mistakes usually referred to such as not posting regularly to your business blog or not engaging in the blogosphere by commenting and linking to other peoples business blogs.

Here are three mistakes I see business bloggers make: [Read more…]

The Branding Power of Business Networking

For this piece I am interviewing Chris Pareja, founder of, a leads group for “true B2B business developers”. Chris started the organization over three years ago as a means of cultivating substantial B2B (business-to-business) business opportunities for himself and others. Chris felt that normal business networking groups weren’t generating opportunities for him of the caliber he was seeking. To him, these organizations were primarily focused on exchanging retail-focused leads and not business-to-business opportunities which is where his focus was.

What follows is my interview with Chris…

Kevin: What does branding mean to you Chris? [Read more…]

It’s All About Being A Do-er

In business as in life, nothing comes easy even if it is made to seem so. That successful business down the road – Do you really think they became successful by sitting on their hands and waiting for people to come to them to use them? Do you really think that they never chased a contract in their business life…of course they did, the fact is that they may have worked until their fingers bled, burnt the midnight oil and then some, but all the while they probably won’t tell you that it went like this – instead it’ll be a rosy picture of “well we simply did this or all we did was this…” makes it sound easy doesn’t it?

The fact is – business is not easy…
[Read more…]

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