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The Power of Proofing in Personal and Professional Communications

When I was in college I took a journalism course called Editing. The key nuance of the class was that your grade on any writing assignment weighed heavily on how error-free your work was. For ever misspelled word or grammatical error, you lost 25% of your score. This is the true point in my life when I decided it made no sense to write anything at all that was overtly incorrect in any manner. I’m not one of those people that write personal emails to family and friends and don’t even take the time to press the “shift” key to make a capital letter at the start of the sentence. These people kill me. I mean what does it say about you as a person if you are that lazy that you can’t even properly express yourself in the written form? The same thing goes for incomplete sentences and missing punctuation like a period. [Read more…]

5 Better Mousetraps!

We humans are an amazing species and Western civilization in particular, having embraced capitalism, spends every waking hour in the pursuit of achievement. We are always trying to improve our lot in life and to accomplish this goal, we rely on advertising.

We are all familiar with traditional forms of advertising such as Newspaper, magazines, radio, TV, adwords, email and direct mail. What intrigued me this week, was more unconventional forms. The “what will they think of next” form of promotion. I’ve heard critics say that ads are appearing in way to many locations and there is a need to limit their exposure. Personally I don’t have a problem with advertising, it’s what makes our culture click and for me anyway, it is another art form. It speaks to who we are as a society.

Here are 5 new forms of advertising that are unique. I hope you enjoy the creativity behind them. [Read more…]

Taming the “media monster” Part 1.

Ok, so let’s assume that you are at the start of your business journey and dealing with the media is something that you have just never done before. It’s a little bit scary right? You’ve heard all these rumours about how journalists are out to “get the story” and would sell their Granny in order to get it. They’re a vicious mob to be approached with caution…a little like a sleeping dragon. Right?


Providing you know what you are doing and how to do it the journalist and the media can very much become a friendly face and not a foe to fear. So here are some very simple rules to remember when dealing with the press.

[Read more…]

How To Damage Your Brand Through Your Ezine

As we discuss here at Small Business Branding, our brand gets expressed in everything that we do – as I like to describe it – at every “touch-point” a business partner, prospect, client, employee or other stakeholder may have with us.

One of the ways that we express our personal brand and our company brand is through our writing – whether that be through copy on the web, offline marketing materials or letters that we write.

If we are building our business online, providing a content rich newsletter is a great way to express our expertise and also provides us with the permission to promote our products and services.

However there are some things to watch out for which I was reminded of when I read a newsletter today from a training company in Ireland.

They made two fundamental flaws with their newsletter:

  1. the first two sections of their news letter was promoting their new training courses [Read more…]

How to Live Your Dream

Is living your dream only for a select few or can we all realise our dreams? Here’s six tips to help you live yours.

1. Create a Great Purpose – The greater the reason you have to live your dream the greater your motivation. Think of those who have achieved greatly in their lives. Their purpose wasn’t limited by a personal agenda but by a purpose which was far greater than themselves. A few years ago I had the honour to musically lead Sir Bob Geldof into a conference. During his keynote speech he spoke about how “Live Aid” began. He said, “…our goal was to raise $75,000 to help feed people in Africa. Now millions and millions of dollars later we’re still doing it.” Create a great purpose for your dream – world abundance, world peace, feed the world, make poverty history or whatever resonates deep within you, almost as if you were born for this purpose to be realised.

2. Explore Your Dreams – What are your talents and gifts? What are you deeply passionate about? What do you love? Everyone has talents and gifts. Everyone has unique contributions to make to our world. However if we just follow everyone elses lead hoping to be liked and approved of, we may miss our calling. Ask yourself – what do you truly love doing? Do you lose track of time when you’re doing this? Would you do it even if you never got paid? [Read more…]

Know What You Need

Every business wants to generate new business. That’s the commonality. But that’s just about all that’s the same.

Some sell high-ticket or very specialized items and services. They only need a handful of new clients to meet their goals. Others are all about volume. They have a large ability to deliver quantities of their offerings and they want the pipeline full.

This is where the “one size fits all” marketing theories fall apart.

[Read more…]

Krishna De Nominated for Irish Blogging Awards

The Irish Internet Association and Enterprise Ireland have nominated Krishna De, one of our great writers on this blog, for the titles of “Best Blogger” and “Best Podcaster”!

She is the author of a number of popular blogs such as:

On top of that, she also contributes to this blog and to The Huffington Post. As you can see, she’s a busy woman and her success on these websites has led her to speak on business blogging and podcasting at her website and social media un-conference at PodCamp Ireland.

We’re very proud of our Krishna and congratulate her for been recognised so far and for the massive success of her new media empire.

If you would like to help her out, please vote for her here, it only takes a minute.

Keep it up, Krishna!

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