Question: Why? Answer: Why Not!

During our college years, many of us probably heard the urban legend about the final exam that had only one question. The question was: “Why?” The student that received an A+ on the exam simply answered: “Why Not?” The same holds true for your business: Why launch that new product? Why build your new facility? […]

15 things the competition wants you NOT to screw with!

The big question you must be asking yourself is: Why should I give a damn about my corporate brand? The Small Business Branding Blog is dedicated to the subject as is countless other blogs out there. A number of company CEO’s, leaders, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs are out here researching the topic because the branding […]

Applications For New Writers Closed

Thanks to everyone who responded to Rob’s post asking for new contributors to the Small Business Branding team. We have now closed the doors so please no more applications until next time we look for writers. I’m in communication with all the applicants and should hopefully be able to introduce you to some great new […]

How Would You Like To Write For Small Business Branding?

Have you ever considered blogging for a larger audience? Perhaps you would like somewhere to showcase your marketing potential? Maybe you want to attract exciting opportunities for your business. Or could you benefit from adding this website to your resume? Well before we get into that, I’d like to extend you an invitation to write […]

Upgraded SBB to WordPress 2.1

I’ve been a bit wary of updating to the newest version of WordPress but after seeing it work flawlessly on my other site, I’ve decided to bring it on board at Small Business Branding. So, after backing up the site/database and uploading WordPress 2.1, it’s safe to say that we can go back if we […]

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

This offer has now been closed. As much as we do our best to produce articles that help you grow your small business here at, it is difficult to know what specific problems you face. So we thought – what can we do to find out what our readers are having problems with? And […]

Updated Spam Protection Plug-Ins

Small Business Branding has had a change of spam protection systems. We are now using Math Comment Spam Protection Plug-in which requires you complete a basic maths equation in order to approve your comment. The Math plug-in replaces the Spam Karma plug-in we were previously using. The Trackback Validator plug-in has also been installed to […]

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