Passion’s Purpose

What’s up kids! …You up to no good? …Glad to hear it : ) Lately, I’ve been poundin’ out some letters about Love and Life that are going to fuel an upcoming passion project of mine. Hopefully, it’ll make a few bucks; but more importantly, I want it to excite some emotions. I’m reaching out […]

You’ve Got a Brand Strategy – NOW WHAT?

If your company has finally taken the initiative and taken on the task of developing a brand strategy then give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back. Chances are you’ve put a lot of effort into developing your strategy and you believe that you’ve developed something that will differentiate you in your market place. […]

5 minutes of Focus Pocus!

5 minutes – that’s all it takes to start you on the path to concentration success. Ok so what am I talking about? Well when I first started out I found that I had so many areas of the business that were all vying for my attention that it was really hard to focus. No […]

How To Develop a “Bulky Package” Promotion That Works!

Bulky-package promotions are 3 dimensional materials that are delivered to an intended target to get a meeting with them. While many direct mail materials end up in the trash, sending a bulky-package eliminates this hazard. We’ve never had one that was not at least opened and viewed. The largest one we did was send a […]

Public Speaking: How to put your best foot forward

When we speak in front of an audience, what is it we are saying about ourselves? You have to agree that speaking in public involves many dynamics. We have witnessed all styles of presenting. Some out there use a script, while others do not. Many speakers use props, side men and games. Do you like […]

Stronger Sales in a Slow Economy!

In North America’s industrial heartland where the automobile is king, industry is going through some trying times. As a result of this downturn many support industries are also feeling the pain. If you are in this demographic – you know exactly where I’m coming from. Sales are flat and the sales team is getting very […]

Your Brand Isn’t Just Communicated Visually

Once a company identifies their brand, they quickly move to communicating that brand to their marketplace. Excellent – just as they should. But in most cases, they stop short. If I said to you that we were re-branding your company, what is the first thing you’d think of? In most cases, you’d think – “we […]

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