Twittering Around With Twitter

I haven’t been on twitter all that much lately due to being sick this last week (which is why this post will be a short one) but today I’m at least up to the computer and went inside my email management Aweber to send a broadcast out to my email list.

While I was in there I noticed that you can now twitter your broadcasts at the same time over to twitter, cool.

(you can read the story at Aweber here)

A couple things of notice:

1) You can only do this for broadcasts only, not follow-ups

2) You can only send with one Twitter Account, this may just change in the future.

There’s some other fun things I’ve also added to enhance my twitter business building experience that I’ll soon share. 🙂 If you want to follow me on Twitter you can here:

I’ve secured interviews, events, and build relationships with Twitter. Fun!

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Branding Your Kids – the next BIG thing?

I’ve got these good friends of mine who live in Kentucky. It has been a pretty traumatic summer waiting for college season to arrive. You see, they just sent their only child off to his first year of University. They are so very proud of him. He didn’t have any scholarships, well-placed contacts, or remarkable grades – he achieved his first real goal in life thanks in some part to branding.

His folks are colleagues of mine in the branding world. When the family gathered around the supper table, and prepared themselves to go through the groups of university brochures and browse the impressive websites, it wasn’t lost on them that they would also have to pitch their son to the universities. He would have to be branded. It would be an enlightening experience for him, and an assurance to them (the parents) that he put his best effort into getting accepted into his school of choice.

His resume wasn’t your typical binder containing exactly what would be requested but a more visual and intuitive presentation. His brand was polished, and it showed. Here are some of their branding highlights:

• His brand values were defined much like any great brand.They explained his commitment to these values and how they compliment the school and their value systems.

• His brand personality was visually presented using a “vision board.” This board contained words, pictures, colors, anything that portrayed his ‘personality’. His colors were used consistently through the presentation.

• His differentiator was his passion for the school. He chose them. His life goals matched their scholastic mandate.

• His visual image (or logo if you will) was designed to strike an emotion with the reader, who would no doubt judge their son on first impressions, not unlike the business world. Photos were designed to display his pleasant disposition and vigor of youth. He was a classic example of “their ideal student.”

• To further cement a favorable impression his personal interests and social skills were detailed to help establish a good profile.

• Aligning all his best attributes, their son refined his brand and enjoyed a boost in confidence. He realized a positive benefit with the genuine opportunities in defining his brand, aligning all his best attributes.

• He gathered favorable testimonials to his good character and included them to attest to his brand.

These were the main ingredients in their recipe to brand their offspring. Essentially branding your college student is another form of personal branding. The visual topper to this was a large branding board that visually showed everything about “his brand.” One glance at this board and you see his brand instantly. Since a picture is more powerful than the written word, this huge effort made it’s desired impression … he was accepted into his first school of choice. His confidence in himself helped him land on the student paper the first day on campus with a photo assignment. His passion you see is photo journalism.

His brand succeeded and gave him a powerful advantage. It’s his job now to make it better every day to help in his quest for glory.

Dork Your Brand!

You’ve got your cool little business, you’ve had some degree of success and you’ve done it all on your own. The only bar you’re interested in raising is the pub down the street. Who needs all those consultants and brand gurus when you can keep your hard-earned beer money and find the cheapest student or cousin to spin your magic.

Well I’m here to make your day and save you tons ‘o dough by giving you ten ways to “DORK YOUR BRAND!”

1) Don’t even think about being consistent with your image. The trick here is to have one logo on your stationary, another variation on your signs and when you do a trade show, something homemade would be outstanding.

2) Brand values – frankly that’s for pansies. Just do what it takes to get the business. View those people you have to walk on to succeed as mere stepping stones. Don’t concern yourself with your reputation.

3) Find the perfect opportunity to blend in with what your competition is doing. If they are doing great then they must be on to something. “More of the same,” I always say to Dorks. You don’t want to risk standing out, you might be discovered for who you really are. There’s probably more money running with the pack anyway.

4) Did you know that you can get a logo designed online for free? That’s right, no need to worry about demographics, first impressions, market share or what ever. Image is for movie stars, your running a bizness. The less things cost – more for you, right?

5) Don’t ask – don’t tell. You’re only looking for trouble asking your stake holders what they think.

6) Are you going to one of them trade shows. Stay away from a professional presentation and get yourself one of those free folding tables and dress it up with blue skirting like all the other dorks. We’re blending in again, that’s the ticket. (Now you’re catching on).

7) And while you’re at the show, and you want to catch a stare or two, don’t waste your cash on relevant materials promoting a unique message – get yourself a booth bunny! Hey sex sells and even if hurts your brand – what’s the harm in a little fun.

8.)Keep dropping your price until you are the lowest price in your bizness. Don’t let nobody beat you.

9) Don’t bother trying to forge relationships with customers. Let’s face it, you’ve probably got enough friends, and besides they’d probably expect you to pick up the tab.

10) When the phone rings, it’s not important how your staff answers it – just be glad it’s ringing. There’s no point wasting friendly on some Nancy just looking for the cheapest deal.

Well that’s the branding game in a nut shell. One thing I can guarantee you is, if you decide to “Dork Your Brand”, you will make one business person very happy…

…that person is your leading competitor.

This article was inspired by SBB commenter Steve, over at Pinnacle Displays, and Nichpreneur Michelle for encouraging us.

Small Business Branding Affiliates

It’s official, I’m launching the Small Business Branding Affiliate Program!

You can access all the affiliate training and tools here.  I’m also about to launch our very first product to help you with your business so if you’re wanting to find out the details of our upcoming launch than be sure to sign up as an affiliate right away.

I was also asked to be on the panel over at Moms Affiliate Expo tomorrow night, but today You can hear me live at 2pm EST presenting our program there.

You don’t have to be a Mom to listen in, there will be some very valuable information shared at the Expo for everyone. Hope to see you there!

Also, when you go the SBB Affiliates site, you’ll get a sneak peek at the name of my very first product which will go live very shortly.

Business News & Updates

Today I figured was a good day to update you on all that is happening around our home here on the small business landscape. Since taking over the site there’s been alot of production happening behind the scenes.

We’ve updated our Media Page to show you exactly where the buzz is coming from and it’s great for our advertisers to know that we are actively promoting the site.

We are also looking into some pretty awesome partnerships in the near future to expand our reach even further. First on my list is to call up to discuss some strategies that will benefit both of us.

At the same time, if you haven’t been by their site they also have a section for entrepreneurial women.


Recently I’ve been a part of 2 live events to promote the new Affilialte Center and our very first product that will launch very soon…. Get Brand Results you can sign up at the affiliate center to become an affiliate for the new product.  I spoke at the Moms Affiliate Expo and also sat on the Affiliate Panel where other moms who are wanting to start affiliate marketing or become a better affiliate asked us questions. The event was held in a virtual conference room and even had video when I spoke so if you were there you could not only hear, and chat with me, but you could see me as well. I thought it was cool.

The biggest highlight for me was listening to Lynn Terry.. I found Lynn years ago when I was sitting inside my store wishing to not be stuck anymore in my physical retail store.  Lynn is what they call a SUPER AFFILIATE and I got some great tips on how to better my affiliate promotions. Lynn got emotional about her own journey  which lead me to send some Twitter love over to her….

Lynn Terry Twitter Love

Which then was picked up by tweelings_en a twitterer who tweets all about feelings with over 50,000 updates!

btw… one of the best reports I’ve ever read is Lynns Fast Cash Strategy which I got completely free because  I`m a part of her Elite Networking Group. It`s worth it to be part of her group, Lynn is top notch with her advice. At the same time, its a hang out for me I love to see what others are chatting about and it`s a virtual home when I unwind. Just so you know, I`m not making anything on this recommendation, I did look for her affiliate program but I didn`t see it, I`ll have to ask her soon. In the meantime, I just couldn`t hold back this recommendation.

I will be re-visiting her Fast Cash Strategy because it deals with finding partners and nuturing the relationship to develop some serious sales for your business.

Over at the Product Sellers Seminar Ed and I spoke all about how to better brand your business when you are selling physical products and how you can easily differentiate and postition yourself from your competitors.

There was some great feedback from the events and I’ve also been working behind the scenes on our very own SBB Event. The funny thing is, I was planning it for well into next year, but it turns out when you have a great team things tend to get finished up pretty darn quick.

I`ve quickly discovered how much I love live events, I love the networking aspect, the immediate feedback, and the flat out fun of it all. I think Ed enjoyed it as well!


I`ve also been super busy with my latest website purchase Article Mojo, you`ve probably seen the ads I have rotating on the sides.  I have some pretty awesome clients there who are ordering hundreds of articles at a time, thank goodness I have a team in place. It really doesn`t matter if someone orders 1 article or 100, or even 1000 we have a system in place so we can handle anything! ( Note: we do offer major discounts to high producers 🙂 )

I was speaking with my good friend Nicole Dean, (who is the affiliate manager for Jimmy D. Brown) through instant messaging and we were talking about it. It`s funny how a close friend can see things you may not, and she told me that I need to coach business owners in systems since it`s second nature for me to create a system around everything that I do and can handle that type of production with only 1 assistant on the job.


Blog Mastermind – This weekend I`ll be looking over the Blog Mastermind Program and putting together my first audio review for those who purchased through my affiliate link.

Traffic Secrets 2.0 – I have gone through the first 2 audios for Traffic Secrets and 2 of the checklists… I can tell you that I LOVE the checklists. It makes it super easy for me to go through and check exactly what I need to do.  I have written down exactly what I want implemented it and have now outsourced it to my virtual assistant.

Product Launch Formula – Whoa baby this one is a doozie. I own the original PLF course and I studied it like a maniac and it did work in my scrapbook launch. 🙂 I will be visiting PLF 2.0 some more before I do my new launch here.

I also have more reviews on other programs that I`m currently taking but for now I will be focusing on Blog Mastermind and TS2. Oh and just lastnight I picked up Piggy Back Launches by Jimmy D. Brown to see what he had to say about product launches, some cool insights in there.


Well this is coming along slowly but surely. I don`t just want to throw something out there and hope for the best, when it does launch it will be a really good way for you to run the online portion of your business. I have secured some really wonderful partners who see the same vision as I do for SBB. Watch for more details to come on this.

I think that`s it for today, I just wanted to share with you all the happenings around here. I even put together this site quickly while I was writing this to be the home for all of my recommendations, I`m tired of having links here and there on different sites. I`ll have to work on getting that site a littler nicer but for now it fits the bill. There`s tons more coming and I`ll be sure to update you more often on everything. 🙂

30 Day Challenge Comes Every Year Thanks To Ed Dale

There are many people who have no idea how to make money online. You have a website up, and we use all the traditional methods of advertising, word of mouth, etc. The online world is SO different from offline.

If you’re a business with a brand and a message you want to grow, then there is no other place I think you should be this year than at the 30 Day Challenge.


Every year I look forward to the 30 Day Challenge because I know all year long Ed Dale and Dan Raine are busy testing, tweaking, and looking for the absolute easiest way to make a dollar online. But as Ed explains in his very first video he talks about how it’s not just about making your first dollar online, it’s about building a REAL business.

Now say you already own a business, and you have it set up taking orders right now. What if you could follow this challenge and seriously grow your reach?

The first part that I’ve seen so far talks about the basics you need to grow online.


Ed will break these 4 parts down for you and take you through what you need to do to grow your traffic, convert the traffic, and make some money. 🙂

You will learn CUTTING EDGE stuff to making money online all for Free.

I remember it was the first time I found Technorati, a couple of years back I learned about Flock, and last year was when I heard about Twitter. You can follow me on twitter here. There is much to learn and I know that Ed is testing all year long.

This by far is the absolute easiest way to create a brand new business and there are many people previously who have taken on the challenge and now are extremely wealthy because of it.

If you don’t have traffic, you will never see the full potential of what can happen. Enjoy the challenge this year! 🙂

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